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Oct, 2014

Are You Ready For The Next Shellshock?

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It happens all the time. Vulnerabilities are discovered in software and operating systems and they are of epic proportions. What risks are you open too? What is the likelihood of you being attacked or compromised and what exposure does your company have if it does get hacked.



Sep, 2014

Is SharePoint the Right Enterprise Content Management System for Your Company?

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SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Sharepoint is Microsoft’s enterprise content managment system, collaboration, and file sharing platform from that helps your company share files and collaborate on content better and more efficiently. In ancient times businesses used to have to employ messengers, runners and delivery services in order to collaborate on projects and then along came email. Email made things much more efficient but also created its own problems. Using email to collaborate on projects often finds employees bogged down by numerous emails, disorganization of files and often each team member ends up […]



Sep, 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Get The New iPhone 6

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Reasons why you shouldn’t get a new iPhone6 are detailed here. I know you wanted to wait in that extremely long line that formed several hours before the release. But let’s get real here and figure out why.