Office 365 Your Office & Email in the Cloud

Office 365, The Business Tool for Small and Large Firms

Revolutionize your company’s email with Office 365 and empower your business with specialized Microsoft tools and services.

You and your team can now work from anywhere and use Office on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and most mobile devices. Greater flexibility increases productivity and allows you to get more done. Files stay in synch even when you’re working on the same document at the same time. Office 365 offers the following, but not limited to the list below.

  • 50GB Inbox
  • File sharing
  • Backup
  • Anti-SPAM
  • Web Conferencing

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Access Email On The Go

Microsoft® Office 365 is a top choice for enterprises that prefer a cloud-based suite of productivity/collaboration applications. With Office 365, you get access to Microsoft™ Office solutions around the clock, anywhere, on virtually any device. It’s a great option for current Microsoft users who can now build on their experience with Microsoft™ solutions while enjoying the flexibility of cloud-based delivery.Microsoft™ Office 365′s enterprise grade email and calendars keep your office in synch so you are always up to date with the latest information.

Use from your desktop or almost any mobile device. Improve employee productivity with anytime anywhere access.

Office 365 Work from Anywhere Mobile Access

Office 365 Microsoft Application Suite

Microsoft Office Suite

Use Microsoft’s familiar business applications you know and love like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync, One Note and much more.

Can You Still Use It on Your Desktop?

Yes, absolutely! Microsoft isn’t moving Office entirely into the cloud just yet. While you can access Office Online via the browser and store your documents on OneDrive, Office 365 offers many other ways to access and edit your documents. The current package of Office 365 includes the Office 2013 desktop suite (Office 2011 for Mac users).

What Is Included?

Security & Privacy

Microsoft is recognized as an industry leader in cloud security. Using decades of experience building enterprise software and running online services, our team is constantly learning and continuously updating our services and applications to deliver a secure cloud productivity service that meets rigorous industry standards for compliance.

At the service level, we use a defense-in-depth strategy that protects your data through multiple layers of security (physical, logical and data):

A defense-in-depth strategy ensures that security controls are present at various layers of the service and that, should any one area fail, there are compensating controls to maintain security at all times. The strategy also includes tactics to detect, prevent, and mitigate security breaches before they happen. This involves continuous improvements to service-level security features, including:

  • Port scanning and remediation
  • Perimeter vulnerability scanning
  • Operating system security patching
  • Network-level distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) detection and prevention
  • Multi-factor authentication for service access

For the latest information on Office 365 security and compliance, visit the Office 365 Trust Center.

Office 365 Security & Privacy

Office 365 Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing Made Easy

Schedule a remote online business meeting or instantly connect with multi-user HD web conferencing. Take notes and share your desktop in real-time with your employees.

Never miss a meeting

Can it be any easier? You can connect online from wherever you are on whatever device works best. No more traveling, no travel costs. You will be more productive, you can get more done and keep your projects on budget.

Meet from wherever you are

In the office, on the road, or with a client or supplier? Video meetings can be quick and easy. And an effective way to do business.

Schedule ahead or meet on the fly

Set up online meetings in advance with Outlook integration, or on the fly with a personalized link for easy join.

Everyone can participate

HD video puts you—and up to 250 people—all at the same table. It’s a smart way to share information from multiple locations to keep you on target, on schedule, and on budget.

Collaboration tools are built right in

With one-click screen sharing and real-time note taking, everyone is in sync and knows what they need to know.

Shared Calendar

Keep your office up to date on meetings and events with the Office 365 shared calendar. Office 365 includes Outlook Web App so you can get to your email and calendar whenever you are online, even if you’re not at your desk and using your tablet or mobile phone.

Always up to date, wherever you access it
Office 365 syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter what device is in your hand.

Scheduling made simple
Shared calendars allow you to see when people are free or busy at any time. Scheduling is easy and-as much as possible-hassle free. From anywhere and from any device.

Safeguard your mobile data
If you lose your phone, don’t panic. With Office 365, you can wipe your data from it remotely to prevent unauthorized access to your information. You never lose the appointments set in your calendar.

Office 365 Shared Calendar

Office 365 Mobile

Above & Beyond Support

When it comes to choosing a cloud services provider great support is what it’s all about. Our US based IT team is always here to provide expert support 24×7. We don’t sleep so you can.

Use Anywhere On Any Device

Maximize productivity, sync your email with any device whether it’s your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This means your employees can work from anywhere there’s internet access.

Spam & Malware Protection

Our email plans include robost security features that stop spam, viruses and malware before they reach your corporate network. Our service stops 100% of known viruses and 98% of spam.

File Sharing

Our email solutions allow you and your employees to share files among yourselves or with teams. We also offer Web conferencing and other extended features.

Fast & Easy Migration

Let us help you move your business email system to the cloud, our experts can quickly migrate a few accounts or an entire office for you.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime SLA

We give you the peace of mind of a 99.9% uptime financially backed service level agreement. Making downtime something you won’t have to worry about.

Get Started With Office 365 TODAY

Contact us today to have us move your business email to the cloud. We can have most new accounts set up in less than 24 hours.

  • Tier 1 Support
  • Exchange OnlineEmail, calendar, contacts and mailbox storage with Exchange Online.
  • Anti-Spam
  • Online Backup
  • Office 365 Email
  • File Sharing
  • Business AppsWord, Excel & Powerpoint(desktop and Mobile)
  • Web Conferencing
  • Email Archive
  • Public Website
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice CapabilitiesEnterprise voice capabilities to replace or enhance a PBX with Lync Server on-premises.
  • Cost Per User

Office 365

  • *
  • $5-12.50/user/month

Office 365
Mid Sized

  • $15/user/month


  • $20/user/month