IT Consulting Services for Small & Large Companies

If you lack the IT experience for your next project, trust a partner who has helped hundreds of firms.

Single Point of Contact has more than two decades of experience in business and technology availability. Our consulting teams will work alongside your team to address the critical challenges you face, no matter the industry. We have a track record of success in engaging with clients and solving the following problems.

  • Are we spending too much on IT?
  • Should we outsource?
  • Should we migrate to the cloud?
  • Are we prepared for a disaster?
  • Are we working efficiently?
  • Should we encrypt our data?
  • Is our network protected from external attacks?
  • Are we compliant?

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  • Single Point of Contact’s technical team has been instrumental in the help desk support department. Thanks to Single Point of Contact, we have a reliable technical team which gives our staff technical support for computer issues and peripherals. Single Point of Contact’s staff address our challenges as they surface, and has recommended solutions to minimize future issues with the end users computer. Their staff is patient, courteous, have gone out of their way to be helpful and always professional.

    Grayson Lawrence,
    VP of IT

  • Our manufacturing firm has expanded in size and geographic range, Single Point of Contact has carefully managed the growth of our IT infrastructure to meet our increasingly complex IT demands.

    Luis DeOliveira,
    CEO, Kagome USA

  • As a cloud provider, the network must be up 24-7. Since Single Point of Contact has installed and serviced our network more than 3 years ago it has run extremely well. With regular monthly maintenance and occasional software upgrades the network has run flawlessly with virtually no disruption to our business or lost data.

    Brian Hamel,
    CEO, Nuvolex

  • The biggest benefit of partnering with Single Point of Contact is that they take ownership of the network. They’ve identified problems we hadn’t noticed, made recommendations for improvement and filled the gaps found in our network. And they continue giving us awesome IT support with great competence and professionalism. Add to that growing list, they’re very responsive and display a sense of urgency we have never seen with other IT firms. When we call, someone is always there to resolve our problem. If they need to come onsite, they are there within 4 hours. That’s a big difference from the way things used to be. Single Point of Contact has effectively relieved me from my IT management duties, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Tony DeSoto,
    Director of IT, Fuji Medical

  • Since NOLA Marketing started in 1999, Single Point of Contact has addressed all of our IT challenges and implemented a pro-active strategy to eliminate downtime and ensure optimization of all systems.  This allowed us to grow the business and focus on clients. In addition, Single Point of Contact helps us save money by finding the best solutions at the lowest cost as well as provides ready access to high-quality IT staff to support the business.  Single Point of Contact has been NOLA Marketing’s most valuable and trusted resource since day one, always on point to quickly and cost-effectively meet whatever needs we have and always with a patience and a pleasant attitude.

    Emily Matthews,
    CEO, NOLA Marketing