I.T. Relocation Services

Relocating the I.T. infrastructure of an office can be a challenge, we make it look easy…


Is your business anticipating a big move?

Contact us and our professionals will set up an effective relocation strategy with no to minimal downtime.

Single Point of Contact I.T. Relocation Services

We help growing businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area relocate their I.T. infrastructure all the time. With over 10 years experience in helping businesses move we can help you avoid the common problems and mistakes that often occur when relocating.

90% of I.T. relocations have problems

Moving to a new office is an exciting time for your company. However, any disruption in your business  can be stressful. Therefore, all of your technology must be in place before you can begin operating out of your new space.

As few as 5 out of every 100 of these office moves go smoothly, with all their email and data/telephone services operational when they move in. These successful movers were able to continue growing their business and generating cash without interruption. The majority however lost sleep, money, and business with avoidable technology problems.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Next Move


With over 10 years experience, our team has helped setup and move numerous IT infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have the knowledge and experience to avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with moving your office or data center operations.


A successful move usually requires coordination between multiple departments, senior management, vendors and shareholders. We coordinate everything so your move goes as seamlessly as possible addressing needs and resolving conflicts as they happen.


While you’re moving you’re probably going to need IT support during the relocation. We will have resources available during and post move. We also come on site the next business day and troubleshoot and solve issues end-users may have.

Office Relocation Experience, Coordination & Support


Do You Need Your Office I.T. Infranstructure Moved?

Contact us and we’ll get started on creating and implementing a foolproof plan for your organization.

At Single Point of Contact we help growing Bay Area businesses successfully move offices and equipment to and from data centers all the time.  We help our clients make the right technology decisions and put together an effective plan for the move.  Unlike the competition we want to share our experience with you in a FREE guide to office moves. The guide contains the following information:

  • A handy 10 point technology checklist
  • Information on how to save money on telephone lines and call charges
  • Lead times for ordering telephone lines and broadband
  • How to ensure you get email at the new office
  • A “starter” project planning template to copy and update

Why are we prepared to share this information with you for FREE?

You will almost certainly need some IT assistance during the move.  We believe that you are more likely to choose Single Point of Contact to assist you if we prove our credentials in advance.  That’s why we want to share our experience with you.

Download Our Free IT Relocation Checklist

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